Dragon Wales Members

Members of Glynneath Golf Club are now able to play at Wernddu Golf Club and Caerphilly Golf Club for FREE!

We are delighted to announce our involvement in the formation of Dragon Wales Golf Club Alliance, a initiative that offers members of participating clubs the option to play at all the other participating clubs free of charge or discounted rates at peak times. 

The clubs currently involved, and also the founding members, are Wernddu Golf Club, Caerphilly Golf Club, and ourselves at Glynneath Golf Club. This is an exciting step for all three clubs and each of us look forward to discovering and experiencing the many benefits such a revolutionary arrangement will undoubtedly bring. It can be revealed that a number of other South Wales based golf clubs are currently considering joining the Alliance and this will certainly strengthen the Alliance going forward should they opt for inclusion.

Glynneath members wishing to play at Wernddu or Caerphilly for free should call into the Pro Shop and request their newly designed membership card. Once issued, it should be presented whilst signing in at the participating Alliance club. Use of the privileges granted under the Alliance is subject to its Terms & Conditions - please become familiar with them in advance of making any bookings with the other clubs in the group.

Below is our new group membership website that allows each golf club to check each others listed club members, if you as a member and have not registered yourself on the members website, please do so now to claim your new card and to access the club