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  • Wales Mini Masters

    On a positive note for our junior club members, congratulations to Cadi Penny girls under 7,  Mason Garrett boys under 7, and Thomas Loynes boys under 9 who have all qualified for Celtic Manor Wales finals day October 24th we mega proud of our junior members and we ask club members to encourage our junior section plz folks!

    They are the Future of the club

    You can find below a list of the 57 players that have qualified for this year's Final.

    The competition for places in the Final has been keenly contested but always played in the right spirit. I would like to thank all the players and supporting caddies for making that happen and would like to congratulate all the Finalists for getting through from a record number of entries.

    We have had the generous support of our 5 qualifying venues and each one offered a different test. To become

    Jul 04, 2017
  • Playing Tee Shot

    You may change your ball before playing your tee shot, but it is good practice to advise a player in your group if you are changing your ball.

    Play your tee shot from between, and not in front of, the tee-markers. You may play your tee shot from up to two club-lengths behind the front line of the tee-markers.


    If you play your tee shot from outside this area:

    • in match play there is no penalty, but your opponent may require you to replay your stroke provided he does so immediately;
    • in stroke play you incur a two-stroke penalty, the stroke itself does not count and you must play a ball from within the correct area.
    Jun 29, 2017
  • R&I - General Points

    The game of golf should be played in the correct spirit and in accordance with the Etiquette Section in the Rules of Golf. In particular:

    • show consideration to other players,
    • play at a good pace and be ready to invite faster moving groups to play through, and
    • take care of the course by smoothing bunkers, replacing divots and repairing ball marks on the greens.

    Before starting your round you are advised to:

    • read the Local Rules on the score card and the notice board
    • put an identification mark on your ball; many golfers play the same brand of ball and if you can’t identify your ball, it is considered lost (Rules 12-2 and 27-1)
    • count your clubs; you are allowed a maximum of 14 clubs (Rule 4-4).

    During the round:

    • don’t ask for “advice” from anyone except your caddie, your partner (i.e. a player on your side) or your partner’s caddie;
  • Mark
    Jun 29, 2017

    We are very proud of our partnership with Nicola Stroud, PGA Advanced Golf Professional with over 25 years experience. Nicola provides first class, quality coaching to adults and children, from complete beginners to experienced golfers. A former Wales International Golfer, Dyfed County Coach and 'Wales PGA Pro of the Year 2014/15', she is highly experienced and guarantees improvement.

    Whilst her beginner classes are full of fun and a highly sociable experience, she takes golfers development very seriously using video swing analysis, always coaching the person, not a philosophy. New2Golf classes are a fun and relaxed way to learn and improve your golf, whether you choose weekly classes or the 'Learn In A Day' package, you are guaranteed to have fun and make friends. For more experienced golfers, game specific skills clinics are delivered

    May 05, 2017

    Glynneath Golf Club is proud to present

    The Inaugral Glynrwder Cup

    This year August Bank Holiday will see two teams go head to head to win the coveted Glynrwder Cup. Inspired by the mighty Ryder Cup, Glynneath Golf Club will bring our very own valleys twist to the biggest team event in golf.

    Team Captain's Mr Philip 'Pip' Davies and Mr Alun 'Al' Evans will start to build their teams early in the season with winners of selected Saturday, Sunday & Midweek competitions qualifying for places on the respective teams. The Seniors, Ladies & Junior sections will all be hosting qualifying competitions, with each section having 2 members qualifying for the event. Members who represent Glynneath Golf Club in team golf within four local leagues.will go head to head in a race for points to gain automatic qualification, alongside the winners from each

    May 05, 2017
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